Dive Booking with Euro-Divers Worldwide

We offer the best diving destinations and diving courses!

Euro-Divers Worldwide was founded by Swiss nationals in 1972 and offers safe, exciting and professional scuba diving activities and scuba diving lessons in some of the world’s best diving destinations.


You can book your dives with us in Maldives, Egypt & the Canary islands.


Scuba diving in Maldives, exploring renown dive sites or taking scuba diving lessons in crystal clear waters are experiences you will never forget. Hidden in the middle of the Indian Ocean.Discover an oasis of peace. A natural wonder of unimaginable beauty.


The Red Sea in Egypt offers scuba divers a vast variety of corals and tropical fishes in many colours and shapes as well as many wreck dives. Egypt is the scuba diving ‘El Dorado’ for every European diver and offers all year around perfect diving conditions and sunshine.

Spain/ Canaries

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands and belong to Spain, the island is located 125 km from the African coast in the Atlantic ocean, and easy to reach by various airline companies. Lanzarote is known as the Island of eternal spring with its marvelous beaches and rough volcanic landscapes, it is a unimaginable place to be.