Diver Information

Important Information for all Euro-Divers clients

Due to a change of the insurance policies from DAN we would like to inform you, that all divers which are 75 years or older, must produce a medical certification from a physician knowledge able about diving. The certificate should mention your fitness to dive – your current health conditions – any medication you take and its dosage.

The medical certificate has to be sent at least 10 days prior to arrival to Euro-Divers by e-mail together with your booking number, in order to being able to clear your diving activities with DAN and to ensure that the insurance criteria’s for diving with Euro-Divers are met.

No diving activities will be possible until DAN has cleared the respective person for diving. Please send the details to office@euro-divers.com or booking@euro-divers.com in order to ensure that the clearance from DAN can be obtained prior to your arrival. We will inform you as soon as we have the clearance from DAN.


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