Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

The following regulations apply for the participation of all diving services booked with us.

1. Booking of diving services / contract for booking diving services.

With your receipt of your booking confirmation, we accept the booking from you. The final acceptance of the booking is depending if you are fit for diving and you can confirm that there is no counter indication for you participating in any diving activities. The details mentioned below are to be followed in order to ensure a safe participation in our diving activities.

2. Services

All services booked will be stated on your booking confirmation, after you have paid your booked services in full and it was received by Euro-Divers. Any further agreements require written form and confirmation by us. Diving services or packages / courses are personal and cannot be split up (used by several people).

3. Participation in dives

If you are already a diver, you must present a valid and internationally recognized diving license and your logbook on site. If you have not done any dives for more than 3 months or if you do not present a logbook, we reserve the right to carry out a refresher dive with you. This refresher dive is offered free of charge by Euro-Divers.

4. Medical questionnaire / medical certificate

4.1. Medical questionnaire

Before starting any diving activity, a medical questionnaire must be completed and signed. If you are having any sicknesses or you take any medication, you should see a physician familiar with the effect of diving. In order to avoid possible delays, we recommend having a diving health certificate issued in advance.

4.2. Medical certificate

If a valid certificate of fitness for diving is presented on site in which the fitness for diving is confirmed, the following rules apply:

  • not older than 2 year (s) if you are under 40 years old,

not older than 1 year (s) if you are 40 years or older.

If you are 75 years or older a medical certificate from a physician knowledgeable about diving MUST be sent to office@euro-divers.com or booking@euro-divers.com for a pre-clearance from our insurance prior to your arrival and in order to being able to participate in any diving activities. If this pre-clearance by the insurance is not done, we cannot accept any diving bookings from this client.

5. Diving and Health

The sport of diving is a demanding activity with physical stress. Unfortunately, if you had illnesses already beforehand or still have, you may not participate in diving courses. In principle the following always applies:

No alcohol or drugs 12 hours before diving. No diving – 24 hours before flying.

Diving under medication is to be clarified before and with the responsible physician and within your certificate for being fit for diving.

6. Confirmation of Suitability for Diving

The participant declares by his/her on-line reservation and/or registration that no reasons exist to prevent participation in diving activities due to any health reasons.

7. Diving for Children

Children from the age of 8 may dive with us with permission from their parents / legal guardian. Children under the age of 18 years need the written permission from their parents / legal guardian. A precondition however is the individual evaluation locally by a certified diving instructor, who will check on the physical possibilities of your child for diving. (size and fitting of the available equipment). Possible justified refusals are binding and are not open to objection. The decision of the respective diving instructor has to be taken into consideration.

8. Special Diving Courses

Special diving courses and diving activities dependent on the number of the participating persons and on weather conditions. You will be informed of any possible necessary changes.

9. Exclusion of the Participation in Diving Services

During the diving programs the instructions of the diving instructors or/and the responsible person must be obeyed as well as the safety rules. Any offence against direct instructions or safety rules will result in not being able to participate in any further diving activities. Depth limits and non- decompression rules are to be followed.

10. Payment Conditions / Cancellations / Changes

The payment has to be done to the account details given on your booking invoice. The pre booking is only valid if the payment for the booking was received prior to your arrival. Any unpaid bookings will be cancelled on the day of arrival without any further information. Your diving can then be booked and paid locally and according to the local price list.

11. Reimbursement of Diving Services already paid for

Diving services which for safety reasons, e.g. weather conditions, are cancelled or cannot be carried out, may be scheduled again and repeated by us at a suitable date/time.. If diving services is rescheduled for safety reasons, the dates will be agreed upon locally with the participant. The possibly entitled repayment of diving services already paid only exist in case of sickness after presenting a medical certificate signed by a doctor or in case of no show of the complete diving service if you could not travel at all.

12. Insurances

All activities are carried out at your on risk. We recommend a diving insurance and in some regions a diving insurance is mandatory – please inform yourself prior to arrival.

13. Obligation to Cooperate

The participant is obliged to cooperate in arising defaults in the context of the legal regulations to avoid or keep possible damages small. The participant is in particular obliged to inform us of his objections immediately locally, so that we can provide possible solutions.

14. Jurisdiction

Complaints against diving providers are to be raised at the particular destination and the registered company.

15. Miscellaneous

Corrections of mistakes as well as printing and calculation errors in brochures, on-line offers and any other offers remain reserved, as far as these were not already confirmed. Additional agreements and ancillary agreements require written confirmation by us.

16. ending clause

Should there be any changes in your reservation or booking, all of the above clauses remain in place.